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Testimonials show that The Memorial Plaque offers exceptional quality and service when it comes to memorial plaques.

These are excerpts from actual e-mail messages and letters we have received from some of our many customers. We have removed full names and organization identifiers so the writers would not be bothered without their consent. The full letters are on file in our sales offices and can be made available to qualified organizations after receiving a formal request and obtaining approval from the writer.

Boy did you save the day!! We waited 3 weeks for a proof from a local shop and when it finally came in, it was not what we expected. It took another 2 weeks to get a change that was still no good. You got us a proof the same day and even put in a change in an hour. We got our plaque 2 weeks after that - just in time for the ceremony. Fantastic work. Will never use a local shop again.

New York

Thanks for helping us out. Another Internet shop took our order and sent our order to the foundry the same day. We waited almost 3 weeks just to find out that what we wanted would not cast. Three weeks wasted and only 3 weeks left to our dedication. Your graphic artists worked with us to create exactly what we wanted and the whole process was done in 2 days. You delivered the plaque 2 weeks later using your rush service and saved my job.


Like others clients of yours, I am a victim of a plaque project gone very bad. Another bronze company created a proof that we approved. On paper, it looked exactly like what we wanted. What came back from the foundry was a disaster. Font sizes were not as we had approved, line breaks were different and our logo was a mess. Thank you for explaining (* see below) what went wrong and for providing a plaque that is EXACTLY the same as the proof you provided. We were amazed when we took the proof and placed it on top of the plaque and the two matched PERFECTLY.

John H.
... Corporation

(*) This client was the victim of a bronze dealer who claimed to provide scaled proof but only had the ability to type up the text on a word processor. They do not have our experience in bronze casting design and thus did not allow for the proper font sizes, letter spacing and minimum graphic element sizes.

I just had to put down in writing, for posterity and for anyone you want to show this letter to, my sincere appreciation for your extraordinary efforts on behalf of the .... Natural History Museum and our donor recognition program.

I must tell you how fantastic you were to work with. Your long experience saved us from making numerous mistakes that would have been costly both in production and lost time.

I could go on and on. You were great to work with and I deeply appreciate your friendly and cooperative attitude during our project. Not to mention your over the top efforts to get us our plaques in time for our event.

Deputy Director
Institutional Development
...Natural History Museum

I was thrilled that my order came before Christmas! I wasn't expecting it that soon. Also, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to match the color of the sign to the color on my house. Last we had spoken, we had decided that a bronze sign might work well, and that is what I expected.  When the shipment came I was delighted to find the colored sign when I opened the box. I know this wasn't on your list of standard colors, and that is why we decided to go with the bronze. And just to let you know, the color was PERFECT!!

I wish all companies were as conscientious as yours. Again, thanks so much, I really appreciate the help that you gave me.


Just wanted to let you know I'm very happy with the plaques you made for our range.

Ann ..........
.......... Police Dept.

Thank Amy for being such a great help. She is really an asset to your business.
The plaque is perfect.


I got the plaque on May 4th. Hooray! Thank you so much. Our memorial service is May 14 which gives us plenty of time to get it "in the sidewalk." I have already recommended you to several people and filed your company name with both our school and church.


The plaques all arrived and were up in time for the event!
You guys were FANTASTIC!


Received the ordered plaque today and we must let you know that it exceeds our expectations in every way. The quality of the casting, the finish and the overall presentation are outstanding, Thanks to Amy and Dave for making it easy for a neophyte in plaque ordering to come up with such a quality product. I'm presenting it to the Association next week and am confident they will be appreciative of what was done. Thank you and feel free to use my e-mail address if ever a referral is needed.

We have the dedication plaque and will bring it to the next School Board meeting for your private viewing. The company that made it is located in Virginia and did an extraordinary job in a very short time. They are truly artists in their craft and did a wonderful job in capturing the spirit and emotion of the project.

Tom ...

Let everyone there that's been helping me know that all you guys and gals have been great. One of the best online purchase experiences ever. In appreciation.

Steve ...

We just received our plaque and we are amazed at the quality. The plaque is wonderful! The price and timeliness were just as advertised. Thank you so much for the great product and service. We would definitely order from you again.