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All of our memorial plaques are designed and manufactured in the United States of America

Design your own memorial plaques using our Design Wizard
Automated - On-Line - Plaque Design


Design it yourself

Memorial Plaque Design Wizard ImageDesign your own memorial plaque using the industry's only automated design tool. Our design wizard helps you create realistic and accurate images of memorial plaques in seconds. No need to wait hours to see your graphic design.

Request a price quote

Request a quoteNot in the mood to do your own design? Just fill out our memorial plaque quotation form and we will have a design and price on line in hours.


Images of memorial plaque designs created by "The Wizard"

Below are 3 very basic samples of what you can design using our on line design tool. One of the greatest benefits told to us by our users, is that once the text is entered, it is trivial to select different borders (such as the single line, double line and Ivy Leaf border in the images below) and see how your finished plaque will look.

Single Line Border
Image of Memorial Plaque with Single Line Border
Double Line Border
Image of Memorial Plaque with Double Line Border
Ornate Border
Image of Memorial Plaque with Ornate Ivy Leaf Border


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We are unique in the industry

We invented the only on line memorial plaque design wizard in the industry.  Using this innovative tool, you can see graphic renderings of your plaques in real time.

We have the only tool in use in the industry that allows you to track the production of your plaques through the foundry process and it then provides the shipper tracking numbers for your order.

Our plaque prices are fair and discounted.   We do not offer a low come on price and then add cost for each character.  We do not charge by the character and standard mounting hardware and shipping in the lower 48 states is included in the price.

Our highly qualified graphics designers are involved in the casting process. Our capabilities and knowledge of the casting process is unique. What this means for our customer is that when working with our designers, you are speaking to someone who understands bronze casting and not just a middle man who will pass your request to a foundry design department. Proper formatting, line widths, stroke and details that must be resolved prior to casting can be resolved with our designer. This assures you that you will get a quality product in the shortest time possible and the finished product will look exactly as we have presented it to you.